The Paradox of Agency

A multi-description exploration of the Paradox of Agency in Complexity.

MJ 611/ 2021 



By Robert Laycock

In February 2002 the artist began recording the time he spent being economically active. He has continued this practice to present day without break or pause. In 2015 he shared his reflections on this at Work and art: how artists make a living (Collaborative Research Group, Canterbury). In 2016 he led a workshop - Time on our side? (TURF @ Broadacre House, Newcastle upon Tyne) - for people interested in reflecting on their relationship with time.

For The Paradox of Agency, the artist is sharing a version of his presentation in the form of a PDF booklet along with workshop resources and a new self guide for anyone interested in exploring their relationship with time.

life-work-art-agency aims to (in some way and to some extent) respond to, inform and reflect some of the questions posed by the project organiser, in particular

  • how do we define our private and professional roles?
  • how do we define our identity or identities?
  • how do we find out what to do and what are meaningful actions?

You can download the resources of life-work-art-agency here:
  1. life-work-art-agency guide (1 page)
  2. life-work-art-agency booklet (48 pages)
  3. life-work-art-agency task 1 (1 page)
  4. life-work-art-agency task 2 (1 page)

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